Cool Features

  1. Adding and Event Sharing on Your RingByName Portal

  2. Adding notes to a contact from your phone!

  3. Business SMS (Texting) from RingByName™

  4. Business SMS (texting) on RingByName™ Mobile Application

  5. Call Barge Whisper Groups - Monitor and Train Effectively

  6. Notifications and Call Pop-up with Call Control

  7. Dialer - Webphone Call To and From your Computer / RingBack Make Calls Remotely

  8. Customize Your Device Display Names

  9. Department Extensions

  10. Greet your customers by name!

  11. How to Add a Contacts through the Web Application

  12. Integrate RingByName with Salesforce

  13. Integrating RingByName with your Apps using Zapier

  14. Intercom Paging on RingByName

  15. Launch a call from within a web browser using the Click2Call Extension!

  16. Our cloud based business is the best there is!

  17. Permissions Control

  18. Quick Call - Working Remotely

  19. Read your Voicemails in text form and save more time for your business, Voicemail Transcribing is here!

  20. Remote Call Pickup - Answer calls that are ringing elsewhere

  21. RingByName Call Presence

  22. Round Robin Departments Vs Round Robin Call Queuing

  23. Send faxes straight from your phone!

  24. Sending and Receiving Faxes

  25. Speed Test - Is your Internet Connection Fast Enough For RingByName?

  26. Transferring calls directly to Voicemail (Direct to Voicemail Transfer)

  27. Transferring calls on my Mobile Phone (Star Transfer)

  28. Transferring Calls through the Web Application

  29. Using Amazon Alexa™ with RingByName® Skill

  30. Wrap Up Time

  31. R! Meet Collaborate and Create Video Conference Rooms

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