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 Did you know Call Recording is now available on RingByName? This feature allows your business to set any department in your business to be recorded -- for training purposes, regulatory compliance, sales confirmation, or any other reason -- and search, playback, download, and forward recordings through an easy web interface from anywhere, anytime. Please contact us for more details. It's just one more way that RingByName is way more than just a business phone service. For more information, click here.

Knowledge Base

  1. Miscellaneous Information 

    1. E911 Disclosure Statement
    2. Caller ID not displaying correctly on my iPhone 6
    3. RingByName phone not ringing properly?
    4. How can I generate a report of incoming and outgoing calls?
    5. How to send and receive faxes in RingByName?
  2. Installing RingByName 

    1. Getting Ready to Install
    2. Bandwidth Requirements
    3. The Router
    4. Router Compatibility Information
    5. Quality of service (QoS)
  3. Our Devices 

    1. What is a softphone?
    2. Grandstream GXP1450 Desktop Telephone
    3. Grandstream DP715 VOIP Cordless Phone
    4. Grandstream GXP2140
    5. Grandstream GXP2160
  4. The Mobile Application 

    1. RingByName for your Mobile Device
    2. Logging into the mobile application
    3. The mobile application home screen
    4. The mobile application contact list
    5. The mobile application shared notes
  5. System Administration 

    1. System Administration: Quick Tour
    2. Account Settings
    3. How can I add or remove additional System Administrators?
    4. Can I upload my own hold music?
    5. Company Settings
  6. Contact Us 

    1. Our Support Philosophy
    2. Contacting RingByName
  7. Cool Features 

    1. Our cloud based business is the best there is!
    2. Send faxes straight from your phone!
    3. Greet your customers by name!
    4. Launch a call from within a web browser using the Click2Call Extension!
    5. Import your contacts easily!
  8. All articles 

    1. How do I retrieve my password?
    2. Getting Ready to Install
    3. RingByName for your Mobile Device
    4. Our Support Philosophy
    5. How to change a telephone number
    100 articles 

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