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Knowledge Base

  1. Installing RingByName 

    1. Getting Ready to Install
    2. Bandwidth Requirements
    3. The Router
    4. Router Compatibility Information
    5. Quality of service (QoS)
  2. Our Devices 

    1. Using RingByName with a Softphone Application
    2. Grandstream GXP1450 Desktop Telephone
    3. Grandstream DP715 VOIP Cordless Phone
    4. Grandstream GXP2140
    5. Grandstream GXP2160
  3. System Administration 

    1. Updating and Editing Users
    2. Can I upload my own custom greetings and hold music?
    3. Adding Additional Users
    4. Call Reporting
    5. Company Announcement & Bulletin Board
  4. The Mobile Application 

    1. RingByName for your Mobile Device
    2. Logging into the mobile application
    3. The mobile application home screen
    4. The mobile application contact list
    5. The mobile application shared notes
  5. Miscellaneous Information 

    1. E911 Disclosure Statement
    2. Caller ID not displaying correctly on my iPhone 6
    3. RingByName phone not ringing properly?
    4. How can I generate a report of incoming and outgoing calls?
    5. How to send and receive faxes in RingByName?
  6. RingByName CRM 

    1. What is CRM?
    2. How to enable CRM on your RingByName account
    3. Accessing CRM Information in the web application
    4. Accessing CRM information in the mobile application
    5. CRM Reports (Administrators Only)
  7. Cool Features 

    1. Integrate RingByName with Salesforce
    2. Integrating RingByName with your Apps using Zapier
    3. Business SMS (Texting) from RingByName™
    4. Business SMS (texting) on RingByName™ Mobile Application
    5. Introducing E-ZScore™ from RingByName®
  8. Contact Us 

    1. Our Support Philosophy
    2. Contacting RingByName
  9. Feature Fridays 

    1. Feature Friday Articles
    2. Subscribe to Feature Friday Emails
  10. All articles 

    1. How do I retrieve my password?
    2. Getting Ready to Install
    3. RingByName for your Mobile Device
    4. Our Support Philosophy
    5. How to change a telephone number
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