Launch a call from within a web browser using the Click2Call Extension!

This tool allows RingByName customers to call any phone number displayed on the web. The RingByName Click2Call extension allows you to make calls directly from the web.

This feature is supported by Salesforce, Zoho, Sugar CRM, QuickBooks, Google Chrome, and any other web based application. Not only does this eliminate the process of dialing altogether, but you can make the call with just a click of your mouse! 


To download, go to the Google Chrome Store and search for  “RingByName


Once you've installed the extension, click on it and log into your account.

Finally after logging in, go to the settings tab, and enable 'auto detection' so Click2Call looks for phone numbers to dial. Not all numbers/platforms will be compatible with Click2Call. 

Numbers that can be clicked on will appear with an R! beside them as shown below. Clicking on them will begin the connection to calling them. 

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