Transferring calls on my Mobile Phone (Star Transfer)

Can I transfer RingByName calls I have answered on my mobile phone?

Have you answered a call transferred to you from the office and need to transfer it to another colleague at their extension or out to another number? With Star Transfer from RingByName, you can.

Star Transfer is a simple but powerful new feature for RingByName. With Star Transfer user's mobile phones gain the ability to transfer calls anywhere just like with an IP business desk phone.  Users can also star transfer calls to themselves to move an active call to or from their mobile or desk phone when leaving or returning to the office.  

Transferring a call from my mobile phone to another number

While on the call dial:
then dial the number or extnsion you would like to transfer the call to, followed by 

Your caller will be placed on hold while the call connects. When the other party answers, you may announce the call. 
To complete the transfer, simply hang up.

I dialed the wrong number or changed my mind? Can I cancel the transfer or grab the call?

Yes. To cancel the transfer and grab the call, simply dial:

Does Star Transfer only work on my mobile phone?

No. Star Transfer can be used to transfer calls received at your mobile phone or forwarded to your landline.

Does Star Transfer work with softphones?

No. Star Transfer can only be used between mobile phones, landlines, and desk phones. 

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