Grandstream GXP1450 Desktop Telephone

Our most popular model is the Grandstream GXP1450 HD Desktop Telephone.

The GXP1450 is an HD IP phone great for small-to-medium businesses. The phone is Linux-based and includes 2 lines, 3 softkeys keys, and 3-way conferencing. HD audio, personalized web applications, and multi-language capabilities create a high quality, versatile and dependable office phone.

Basic Features

The GXP1450 features two line keys located just to the left of the built-in LCD display. The two lines allow users to receive two concurrent calls and perform advanced call handling such as HOLD, Call Transfer, 3-way Conference Calls and more.

Getting familiar with the keypad

Placing calls

There are several ways to place calls

On hook dialing

  1. Enter the phone number or extension number to be dialed (a 10 digit area code and number is required for all external calls).
  2. Press the Speaker button or  lift the handset off the cradle.
  3. The call will be dialed out.

Off hook dialing

  1. Take the handset off hook or press the SPEAKER button.
  2. Wait for dial tone.
  3. Enter the telephone number or extension number desired.
  4. Wait for the call to connect or dial the # key.

Redial the last dialed number

  1. Take the handset off hook or  press SPEAKER button or press an available line key to activate speaker.
  2. Press the REDIAL soft key located just below the LCD window.

Launching calls from the web application

From the web application:

  1. Select a contact entry from your contact list or activity log
  2. Click on the link for the telephone number desired.
  3. The system will launch a "Quick dial" call, answer your telephone when it rings.
  4. Wait for the call to be completed to your selected contact.

Receiving calls

How to answer a call on your VOIP telephone is easy, Just follow the instructions below.

Single incoming call

Phone rings with selected ring tone. The corresponding LINE key will flash in red. Answer call by taking handset off hook, or using Speaker/Headset, or pressing the flashing LINE key.

Multiple incoming calls

When another call comes in while having an active call, the phone will produce a Call Waiting tone (stutter tone). The other LINE key will flash in red. Answer the incoming call by pressing the flashing LINE key. The current active call will be put on hold automatically.

During a call

How to handle calls during a call.

Placing a call on Hold

Place a call on hold by pressing the HOLD button. The active LINE key will blink in green

Resuming a call

Resume call by pressing the blinking LINE key

Placing multiple calls on Hold.

Automatically place active call on hold or switch between calls by pressing the LINE key. Call waiting tone (stutter tone) will be audible on new incoming call during the active call.

Muting a call

During an active call, press the MUTE button to mute/unmute the microphone. The LCD will show "Talking" or "MUTE" to indicate the mute status, with Mute icon displayed on the screen.

Blind transfer (sends the call without announcing it)

  1. During the active call, press TRANSFER key and dial the number to transfer to.
  2. Press SEND key or # to complete transfer of active call.

Attended Transfer (announce the transfer to the other party)

  1. During the active call, press LINE key. The first call will be put on hold.
  2. Enter the number for the second call in the new line and establish the call. Announce the call to the other party.
  3. Press the TRANSFER key
  4. Press the LINE key which is on hold to complete the call transfer.

3-Way Calls (Conference)

  • Establish calls with 2 or more parties respectively
  • While 1 call is active, the other call will be put on hold with its LINE key blinking in green;
  • Press CONF key;
  • Press the desired LINE key on hold, the conference will be established;  

Cancel Conference Call

  • If after pressing the CONF key, the user decides not to conference, press Cancel softkey or the current active LINE key (LED in solid green);
  • This will resume the 2-way conversation with the current line

Split and Re-conference

  • During the conference, press HOLD key. The conference call will be split and the calls will be put on hold separately with the LINE keys blinking in green;
  • Select 1 LINE key and press to resume the 2-way conversation;
  • If users would like to re-establish conference call, before 1 separate LINE is selected, press the ReConf softkey right after the conference call is held/split;

End Conference Call

  • Press HOLD key to split the conference call. The conference call will be ended with both calls on hold; Or
  • Users could press the EndCall softkey or simply hang up the call to terminate the conference call.

Checking voicemail

• Dial *97 to access the voicemail system, or;

• Press the message key located near the top right corner of the telephone.

• Enter your extension number.

• Enter your PIN code

Note: The first time a user accesses the voicemail system, s/he will be prompted to setup their mailbox by recording their name, outgoing greeting and selecting a PIN code.

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