Change and Customize your Caller ID!

Did you know that you can change the outbound caller ID that is displayed to your customer? 

With this ability, you can change the caller ID to whatever you wish it to be. Whether it be a personal, company, home, or custom number you can select what you would like each person to see.

You can choose to display any of the following Caller ID types.
  • My Direct Number- your personal direct number 
  • My Company Number- you can choose any telephone number associated with your company that is not already assigned to an individual 
  • Choose a Custom Caller ID- with few restrictions, RingByName will display any telephone number and name you desire as your outbound caller ID. This is helpful when you are porting in numbers from a different company and do not want to display your assigned temporary number
You will also see an option "Show the Caller ID of the Person Calling" - this option will display the Caller ID of the person calling your RingByName number instead of your office number on all calls transferred to your mobile device or other landline when selected.

At the top of the home screen, click on your name and select the option "My Caller ID" and click "Custom Caller ID"

- Log in to your RingByName account at
- Once logged in, click on the words 'Hi ' at the top right of the screen. A drop down menu should appear.
- From that drop down menu, select 'Change my caller ID'
- Be sure to select 'Save' on the bottom right to complete your changes!

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