What is E911? Does RingByName offer 911 Emergency Service?

What is E911?

Short for Enhanced 911, a location technology advanced by the FCC that will enable mobile, or cellular, phones to process 911 emergency calls and enable emergency services to locate the geographic position of the caller. When a person makes a 911 call using a traditional phone with ground wires, the call is routed to the nearest public safety answering point (PSAP) that then distributes the emergency call to the proper services. The PSAP receives the caller's phone number and the exact location of the phone from which the call was made. Both mobile telephone and VoIP telephone service providers are required to connect 911 calls to the nearest local PSAP.

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How does E911 work?

RingByName allows each telephone line to be registered with an individual address or with your company's main business address. This allows remote employees who work outside your main location to have their telephone line to be registered with a unique physical location. When a user dials 911 from their telephone, RingByName will look up the physical address for that extension and pass it along to the closest PSAP for that address allowing for the appropriate delivery and routing of emergency services.

When must I update my E911 address?

RingByName suggests that your physical E911 address must be updated whenever you:
  • Physically move the device to another street address
  • You will be working from a remote location on a soft-phone or secondary device for an extended period of time
  • The device is re-assigned to another user or location.
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I am not in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico. Do I need to register my telephone lines for E911 service?

No, if you are not in the USA, Canada, or Puerto Rico you do not need to register for E911 Service. You may opt-out of E911 service by selecting "I am not in the USA or Canada" in the E911 configuration settings.

How do i configure the E911 address on my account?

If you are the administrator of the account you may update the E911 Service address within the Administration panel within either the web app or the mobile application.

To learn how to set your E911 address using the web application, click here
To learn how to set your E911 address using the RingByName mobile application, click here  

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