Grandstream GXP2140

A versatile Enterprise IP phone, the GXP2140 is a Linux-based device that includes 4 lines, 5 context sensitivesoft keys, and 5-way conferencing. A 4.3 inch color LCD screen and HD audio allow for a crisp display and high quality calls. The GXP2140 comes equipped with Bluetooth, USB and EHS capabilities for flexibility. The phone also comes pre-loaded with weather & currency exchange apps. Add up to 4 GXP2200EXT modules to view an additional 160 lines, and customize your language for global use.

The GXP2140 with Expansion module

Understanding the Keypad

Placing calls

The GXP2140 allows users to switch among handset, speaker or headset when making calls. Press the Hook Switch to switch to handset; press the Headset button to switch to headset; or press the Speaker button to switch to speaker

On hook dialing

  • Enter the number when the phone is on hook and then send out.
  • When the phone is in idle, enter the number to be dialed out;
  • Take handset off hook; or Press Speaker button; or Press Headset button with headset plugged in; or Select an available LINE key;
  • The call will be dialed out

Off hook dialing

  • Take handset off hook; or Press Speaker button; or Press Headset button with headset plugged in; or Press an available LINE key to activate speaker;
  • You shall hear dial tone after off hook;
  • Enter the number;
  • Press SEND key or # to dial out

Redial last call

  • Take handset off hook; or Press Speaker button; or Press Headset button with headset plugged in; or Press an available LINE key to activate speaker;
  • Press SEND key, or the REDIAL soft key

Dial via Call History

  • Press MENU button to bring up the main menu;
  • Enter Call History;
  • Select the entry you would like to call using the navigation arrow keys;
  • Press SEND button to dial out

During Phone Calls

Call handling features of the GXP2140


  • Hold. Place a call on hold by pressing the HOLD button. The active LINE key will blink in green;
  • Resume. Resume call by pressing the blinking LINE key;
  • Multiple calls. Automatically place active call on hold or switch between calls by pressing the LINE key. Call waiting tone (stutter tone) will be audible on new incoming call during the active call.

Muting a call

During an active call, press the MUTE button to mute/unmute the microphone. The LCD will show the Mute icon on the top of screen, when the call is muted.

Blind Call transfer

  • During the first active call, press TRANSFER and dial the number to transfer to;
  • Press SEND key or # to complete transfer of active call.

Attended Transfer

  • During the first active call, press LINE key. The first call will be put on hold;
  • Enter the number for the second call in the new line and establish the call;
  • Press TRANSFER;
  • Press the other LINE key which is on hold to transfer the call.


  • Initiate a conference call.
  • Establish calls with 2 or more parties respectively;
  • While 1 call is active, the other call will be put on hold with its LINE key blinking in green;
  • Press CONF key;
  • Press the desired LINE key on hold, the conference will be established;
  • Repeat the previous 2 steps for all the other parties on hold to join the conference

Cancel Conference Call

  • If after pressing the CONF key, the user decides not to conference, press Cancel soft key or the current active LINE key (LED in solid green);
  • This will resume the 2-way conversation with the current line.

Split and Re-conference

  • During the conference, press HOLD key. The conference call will be split and the calls will be put on hold separately with the LINE keys blinking in green;
  • Select 1 LINE key and press to resume the 2-way conversation;
  • If users would like to re-establish conference call, before 1 separate LINE is selected, press the ReConf soft key right after the conference call is held/split;

End Conference

  • Press HOLD key to split the conference call. The conference call will be ended with both calls on hold; Or
  • Users could press the End Call soft key or simply hang up the call to terminate the conference call.

Checking Voicemail

  • Dial *97 to access the voicemail system, or;
  • Press the message key located near the top right corner of the telephone.
  • Enter your extension number.
  • Enter your PIN code.

Note: The first time a user accesses the voicemail system, s/he will be prompted to setup their mailbox by recording their name, outgoing greeting and selecting a PIN code.

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